Hiking in Dominica

The Hike


Hey to my readers! So, I went on a little adventure with my mom. We went hiking on hills. At first my mom didn’t let me know the destination. We just kept going upward. I said,” Mom, where are we going? She said, “we going up.” Little did I know that uphill was very steep. I know my legs was not ready for this long journey, but my mom said we got this. 

Where the light hits the mountains....


At this point, I told my mom... I can’t go on. My legs were just done walking on an incline.  Mom said she’s going back upward tomorrow with or without me. So, I was like “Yeah...ok” She probably will go back tomorrow, but that incline took alot out of the both of us. I’m not sure she can go upward another day. 


I decided to rest my legs after I gave up.... One thing I noticed is... you can’t be good at something the first time. Apparently, I’m not good at hiking yet. Your legs is the most important component in hiking. My legs just was not conditioned to hike that steep up those hills yet.  I may try again tomorrow or I may not.    

Thank you all for reading! I will keep you posted on my next venture.
Please feel free to leave me a comment down below, I would to love hear from my readers. 

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