The Decision To Stay Natural

Stages of Becoming A Naturalista

My Hair in it's Natural State (Kinky Type 4C)

Big Chop

Hello Everyone! My hair wasn’t always “natural” When I say natural, I’m talking about without chemical enhancements to be manageable. For a girl like me... being natural is a lifestyle, in hair talk. I had to do a “Big Chop” to get my hair to be one texture. I used to use relaxers for straightening my hair. Most women of color do for manageability. Let me tell ya! My big chop was the most emotional moment of my life. Keep reading to find out why my big chop was so emotional.

TWA “teenie weenie afro”

After  my Big Chop, the growth of my hair was at this length. People in the natural hair community call this the “TWA” teenie weenie afro stage. Now, this stage is hard to style. I had to find different ways to cope with a short afro. I tried to gel it up, I tried to sleek it back into a small form of a ponytail. Until, I came to the realization that.. I didn’t have the length for the style I was trying to rock.

Kinky Afro

As time went on, I finally got some hang time to actually play with my hair. #whipmyhair  At this stage, I would wear my natural hair out after a two strand twist-out called “flat twist” Twist-outs are very popular now in the natural hair community. It’s very cool! Oddly, when I was just coming up in the natural community, I really didn’t have anyone to talk to about my hair type. Now, almost everyone is doing it. 

As of right now my hair is long today. My hair continued to grow and grow from me treating my hair the way it was meant to be "natural". The reason I decided to become a naturalista was because logically I noticed all other women of different races with longer hair than mine. Caucasians, Asians, Malaysians, Indians, etc... all had a good length of hair at waist length or tailbone length. I kept saying to myself "Why can't my hair be longer?" So, I did an experiment on myself, I cut my hair off. I didn't do a good job and I cried after I did it because my hair was uneven. My dad had to shave it off so that my hair could grow back evenly. In conclusion, before embarking on this journey do a lot of research on natural hair. If your serious about it after research, then proceed with caution. Remember, growing healthy hair takes time, effort, and patience.

See, you later! I'll keep you guys posted

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