Getting Closer to Christmas!


Hey guys! I’m back with a very interesting post about a store that is Christmas all the time.
The famous Christmas Tree shop in Orange, CT.  My mom and I love this store so much. It’s the place to go crazy for Christmas. So, we shopped and got some very interesting Christmas items. It was really hard to get my mom to leave. I told her we could always come back. I bought a “JOY” sign for my wall in my room and a nutcracker. I love nutcracker ever since I was a young girl. I even hummed the nutcracker song when I was young. I think my Dad has the tape somewhere. After, my trip I put my “JOY” sign to hang. I also put up my shoe rack. I love my shoe rack. 
Enjoy the pictures down below!
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As always I’ll keep you guys posted. 
Love, Peace & Happiness

Driving to Christmas Tree Shop Video/ Slideshow
Music by Evan & Eris Ford & Shope(OMW !)

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