Hair Appointment at Pizazz Hair Salon


Hey Dearies! So I’m back to say I got my hair done!
So I went almost all year without getting a silk press but I figured it was time to get pressed. Whenever I get my hair straightened I feel free. I had a sew-in for a month and a half it was killing me lol. So, I just needed to take a break from it to give my scalp some breathing room. Here I am with hang time, my hair still isn’t where I want it to be but I’m going to continue taking care of it so it can be. My hair was suppose to be black but I guess my previous dye outweighs the new dye. I have come along way from my natural hair journey in November 2009. It was not an easy journey but 10 years later, I have healthy hair I’m proud of. I do get a lot of protective styles, but it’s important to give your hair a break to breathe sometimes so it can grow.  Down below is a picture of me and my hairstyle stylist Amanda Morriar. She is the owner of Pizazz Hair Salon & Boutique in Orange, Connecticut. If you want good quality, then you need to get pizazz’d like me, trust me she knows how to get you right. 

Thank you for reading my blog!
I’ll keep you guys posted
Love, Peace & Happiness


Salon Owner Amanda Morriar & I

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