CITYFEST at Bridgeport, CT

Hey Guys! They say if you speak things into


Last month, I went to my first WWE live event.

First Healthy Meal For My FitJourney!



I started my fit journey today on the track field. I trained with my high-school track team. My first day was a lot to handle. I don’t remember it being that hard. It’s been years since I ran. My form is definitely messed up. I’m determined to get back in shape. 

I learned some new exercises. I’m really excited about this new journey. I want to get in shape  but I want to turn it into a lifestyle so I can maintain it. Also, so I can show others what I learned to help with their fitness goals. I figured I had to retrain myself on the exercises before I can show others how to do them.  

Broccoli and Meatballs is a dish I put together since I ran out of spaghetti. It’s very important for me to stay consistent on my healthy recipes to  train because eating junk won’t help me progress.  NO CARBS, NO SUGAR, NO PROCESSED FOODS. WATER DIET IN EFFECT!

Introducing Limoblaze

Limoblaze is my guy for Afro gospel music, that you can jam too. My favorite Nigerian artist.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrate Independence Day every year to bring to our remembrance

Summertime Nails!

It's June. June is the first official month for summer.

Are You Cuffed To Convenience? • Cuffing Season Pt.3


Do you find yourself clinging to what is convenient in your life? 

Introducing ZOEGirl

I remember listening to ZOEGirl in my preteen and teen years. I listened to ZOEGirl everyday.

Introducing Aaron Cole

Aaron Tyrese Cole (born February 28, 1999) is an American Christian hip-hip recording artist and songwriter.

Are You Cuffed To Comfort? • Cuffing Season Pt. 2

Are you cuffed to comfort? Are you too comfortable with certain things in your life? Do you have a comfort zone?

Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day!  Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day in 1868. The tradition consisted of decorating graves with wreaths and flowers.

Tricia’s Birthday Bash!

On Saturday, May 28, 2022 I went to Tricia’s Birthday Bash to celebrate her 48th birthday. This is my second social event for this year.

Introducing Tori Kelly

Victoria Loren Kelly professionally known as “Tori Kelly” was born on December 14, 1992.

Spending Time With My Bro As He Fixes His Car!


I made this YouTube video back in 2020. This is the time where my brother still had his Dodge Charger.

Attending Tricia’s Wedding

Last weekend I attended Tricia’s Wedding Renewal.

Introducing Wande



Mutiat Yewande Isola, professionally known as Wande, is a Nigerian American Christian hip hop artist and former journalist and A&R administrator from Austin, Texas, United States.

Introducing Lecrae


116 {OneSixteen}


Lecrae 'Devaughn' Moore is a well-known rapper, songwriter, singer, record, and film producer.

Cuffing Season???

What is cuffing season? 


What is 1-1-6? You maybe wondering what is 1-1-6. Well, first off 1-1-6 is just a number.

R&B Worship Music

What you listen to has an effect on you.

Hair Care Products I Use For My Braids!



What kinds of hair care products do you use?

First Impression Dinner at 744 Bar & Grill



Who loves restaurant food? I sure do.  I have been to restaurants like Olive Garden and Apple Bees.

Hair Appointment w/ Monica



     MO's Knotless Braiding


 How do you style your hair? Do you get braid extensions? Do you get weaves add-ons or tape-ins? Do you wear wigs? I love to get braid extensions in the summer and winter months. Braids are a good protective hairstyle that allows your hair time to breathe between hairstyles.

2 Lip Balm Products that get me through the Winter & Summer Months






Do you ever get dry lips in the Winter & Summer months, like me?  It can be kind of frustrating  trying to get relief from extremely dry, chapped lips.

A Small Portable Charger


My Portable Charger
20000M Power Bank Portable Charger

-This is a paid collaboration with Amazon. All links are affiliate links.

How Are You Spending your Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Most people spend their day with their significant other.  
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