R&B Worship Music

What you listen to has an effect on you.

Hair Care Products I Use For My Braids!



What kinds of hair care products do you use?

First Impression Dinner at 744 Bar & Grill



Who loves restaurant food? I sure do.  I have been to restaurants like Olive Garden and Apple Bees.

Hair Appointment w/ Monica



     MO's Knotless Braiding


 How do you style your hair? Do you get braid extensions? Do you get weaves add-ons or tape-ins? Do you wear wigs? I love to get braid extensions in the summer and winter months. Braids are a good protective hairstyle that allows your hair time to breathe between hairstyles.

2 Lip Balm Products that get me through the Winter & Summer Months






Do you ever get dry lips in the Winter & Summer months, like me?  It can be kind of frustrating  trying to get relief from extremely dry, chapped lips.
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