First Impression Dinner at 744 Bar & Grill



Who loves restaurant food? I sure do.  I have been to restaurants like Olive Garden and Apple Bees.

It was my first time going to the 744 Bar & Grill in West Haven, Connecticut. The weather was very warm considering we are still in post-winter. This season has been all over the place, one minute it is cold and the next it is warm.  I’ve been pretty lucky that the snowstorms we have been receiving were mild. March is here and Spring is almost near. 

I went to 744 Bar & Grill for a friend of mine's birthday. He turned 34 years of age this month. He is one of my close friends. I don't have two many close friends. As a person gets older people tend to be less social. Not too many people stick around anymore. Some people call it “adulting”. I call it “outgrowing” people.

For dinner, I had my favorite Italian dish “Chicken Parmesan”. My dinner plate was huge. Let’s just say it will probably last me 2 to 3 days from now.  For my side dish, I had a salad with Italian dressing. The chicken was juicy and had the right amount of pasta sauce. I would recommend anyone to go to this restaurant to try the food for their first time. 

Let me know if you been here before in the comments below. What restaurant have you been to? What are your favorite restaurants? 


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