Takeback home girl vs. Hollaback girl

What is a hollaback girl?

A hollaback girl is a female who, when insulted will reply verbally. It's usually always to insult the person who previously insulted the girl. 

Most times in our lives we come across people who insult us. Even if a person insults us doesn't mean we should fight fire with fire and insult them back. There is power in silence. Don’t give your power away by responding to negativity! Don't be a hollaback girl!

You want to be a takeback home girl. You want to be a disciplined girl, who knows her value and worth. You want to be a girl who a guy can take back home to his mama and say “I finally found her!” “I’m gonna marry that girl!”You want to be so at peace that it doesn't matter what someone is saying or doing it doesn't affect you. 

It takes a lot of maturity and discipline to refrain from saying something negative to another person. Your power is inside of you. Your power is your ability to be steadfast in that moment. Don't let another person's negativity get the best of you. 


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