Are You Cuffed To Comfort? • Cuffing Season Pt. 2

Are you cuffed to comfort? Are you too comfortable with certain things in your life? Do you have a comfort zone?



In order to receive the vision God has for you; you have to become uncomfortable with everything that makes you comfortable. You can’t serve God properly if you’re doing secular things like secular people. If you are saved by Jesus Christ you have to set an example for the unchurched and the unsaved so that they can come to know Jesus as well. What you watch, listen to and the conversations you become apart is very important. God doesn’t want us to be comfortable, He wants us to walk in obedience to His Will.
 If you are one of God’s people and you call yourself a Christian, ask yourself, “Am I too comfortable in my Christian faith?” “Am I witnessing to people?” “Am I walking in my purpose?” 
If not, pray to God and ask Him to direct your path back to Him. 
No one is perfect, even I myself fall short many times, but if your trying to do what is right 80% of time and falling short 20% God will recognize that. He wants us to be 100% obedient but sometimes we stumble. Focus on God and the purpose He has for you and you will see an increase in life. God will exceed your expectations. 

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