Summertime Nails!

It's June. June is the first official month for summer. It was about time I got my nails pampered since my last salon visit. I decided to get yellow gel nail polish for the first week of summer. I like bright colors. Bright colors liven up your surroundings and adds festive style. I went to Lauren’s Nails Salon on 264 Whalley Avenue New Haven, CT 06511. 

I have been going to this nail salon for all of my life. My nail tech usually does my eyebrows only but this time I wanted to be fully pampered. I got my nails and my feet done. It feels so good to be pampered after a long work week.  

Self-care is very important. You have to treat yourself from time to time. You have to pamper yourself for you;  whether your in a relationship or not. I feel relaxed when I pamper myself. 

Here are some photos of me and my nails.

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