First Healthy Meal For My FitJourney!



I started my fit journey today on the track field. I trained with my high-school track team. My first day was a lot to handle. I don’t remember it being that hard. It’s been years since I ran. My form is definitely messed up. I’m determined to get back in shape. 

I learned some new exercises. I’m really excited about this new journey. I want to get in shape  but I want to turn it into a lifestyle so I can maintain it. Also, so I can show others what I learned to help with their fitness goals. I figured I had to retrain myself on the exercises before I can show others how to do them.  

Broccoli and Meatballs is a dish I put together since I ran out of spaghetti. It’s very important for me to stay consistent on my healthy recipes to  train because eating junk won’t help me progress.  NO CARBS, NO SUGAR, NO PROCESSED FOODS. WATER DIET IN EFFECT!

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