Nights in Dominica

 Ice Cream Shop

One of Dominica's Ice Cream Shops

1st Night in (DA)

Hey guys! So, I had a feeling for some ice cream one night. My family and I drove to this ice cream shop. They had some flavors that I was already familiar with like (cookies and cream, coconut,, but I stumbled across a flavor that I never tasted before. What am I talking about? I'm talking about this Passion Fruit Ice cream. You have not tasted good ice cream until you taste this Passion Fruit Flavor. What makes me say that? Trust Me... This ice cream is naturally made with real passion fruit flavor from the actual fruit. No dyes, or chemicals, or concentrations. You can only get this good quality in the Nature Island called "Dominica"

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Dominica's KFC


2nd Night in (DA)

So, I don't really eat KFC on a regular basis. The reason why I don't is because I never had chicken that was 100% cooked to my likeness. Sadly, some places in Connecticut don't really cook their fast food good at all. I'm just bein honest. So you can imagine, I was afraid to taste this KFC. Anyway, I just went for it and said.. I might not get this chance again. I was happy with my results. Dominica's KFC is cooked! It's the only KFC I will eat again.

Spicy Popcorn Chicken w/ Coleslaw

Dining with my cousin (Kayla) and my mom

3rd Night in (DA)

Kayla brought us to this fancy restaurant in Dominica.  I didn't get a good look at the name of this restaurant. I do know that this restaurant is located in Roseau.

Contents: Rice w/ light gravy, fig, dashing, vegetables, cooked beans, and lettuce w/ (sorrel juice)

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