6th Annual Women’s Conference

6th Annual Women’s Conference 

Hey Loves! This weekend, I joined my mom on going with her to the 6th Annual Women’s Conference.
My mom is a Virtuous Women of God who diligently follows God principles in her life. At this event, there was food, worship music, and vendors selling items. I was very blessed to have went to this event with my mom. This event was very empowering to all women of God to help to inspire us and to encourage us in our power of prayer. As women of God we must have faith that whatever we are going through we will overcome it. Sometimes plans change its disappointing at the time because our eyes can’t understand why its happening. God will never give us more than we can handle. Sometimes he allows devastating things to happen to get our attention again. We must embrace the change and move forward. Sometimes, God is changing us to make us a better version of ourselves. I took a message from the conference that stuck with me. “What if something is happening for you and not to you?” My interpretation of this was that maybe God is creating space to give me what I have been praying for. But I have to change myself to receive what he is trying to give me. I’m so thankful for this message because I really needed to hear this. I’m so happy I got to see such talented ladies, who can sing and dance and speak wisdom. We as women must surround ourselves with people who can speak life into us and not death. We must surround ourselves with energy that will uplift us and help us to grow because in this world there is so much going on. 
Thank you for reading my blog. 
As always, I will keep you posted. 
Love, Peace & Happiness

My Beautiful Mom

Delicious Food

Renita Morriar and Mom

Morriar Girls and I
The Morriars and I

Me and My Mom

Selfies Before the Conference 

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