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20000M Power Bank Portable Charger

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I purchased this portable charger back in January towards the beginning of the year.  I needed a portable charger to take to work with me. I rarely ever remember to charge my phone when I'm at home; but I know I needed some juice for when I'm working.  In terms, of portable chargers, you never know what kind of charging speed you are going to receive when you plug in your portable charger. 

Personally, I wanted a small, compact charger that I could travel with to work and from home. I checked Amazon to see if they had any small portable chargers to choose from. I was pleased to find a portable charger that I actually liked very much.

I love this charger so much because it fits inside your pocket. It is not big or bulky like most portable chargers. Also, this charger was affordable just under $40. 

Facts & Details
The T-CORE Power Bank 20000 is half the size of a bankcard, so it can easily fit in your pocket. It has 10,000Mah of power, it can fully charge your iPhone device 8 times. It has a silver backing and mirror surface design, very stylish.
It not only works with charging phones but can charge other devices like: AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, smart watches. 
It has 2.0 quick charge technology that can reach total output up to 3A, you can fully charge your phone in less than 30 minutes. It can support 2 USB output at a time, accessible to lightning, micro and Type-C interface. It also has a digital volume display that can reach 1% accuracy.
If you're looking for a small, compact portable charger. I highly recommend this charger. If you would like to check out this charger you can simply click the link ---->>> 20000M Power Bank TCORE Small Charger <<<----
If you decided that you wanted a portable charger and bought this one, please let me know.
I'm interested to know how you liked it.

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