Tamara's Baby Shower

Mara’s Baby Shower

Hello to my readers! I went to one of my closest friend’s baby shower. It was amazing! Definitely, a lit situation in my opinion. What can I say, that’s Tamara, for you. She very far from basic. She’s not your average chick. She is very unique and has an ever-changing fashion sense.  I really admire her because she always knows the right thing to say whenever I’m feeling blue. She’s a very, encouraging person. 

She will build you up like a build-a-bear. She has a very, big heart when comes to her friends. She loves to give to others. My friend is street-smart and in-tune with her surroundings. What do I mean by that? I mean she understands things that people may not understand. She is very pretty but, very smart. Some people are just looks and nothing under the surface. Tamara is beautiful and intelligent. I can’t wait to see what her baby girl look like. Her baby shower was classy and bougie! It just the CT way for us #ctgirls .   Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you guys posted. Also, feel free to leave me comment down below. 

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