Introducing ZOEGirl

I remember listening to ZOEGirl in my preteen and teen years. I listened to ZOEGirl everyday. ZOEGirl just had this electric effect on me. I always had a smile on my face after hearing their sound. They were my first Christian girl group. My childhood friend Laura introduced them to me. 

We were very close when we were young but as we got older we become less close. Even though we aren't actively in each others lives anymore; I cherish the moments we spent going to the movies and playing volleyball. Life happens sometimes all we can do is adapt to the changes in our lives. ZOEGirl will forever be my favorite Christian girl group. Out of Eden was my second favorite Christian girl group. 

ZOEGirl’s style resembles a contemporary, pop vibe. The lyrics of their songs was so catchy, that  sometimes you felt like you could relate to the songs. I like positive songs that are relatable. Our generation is growing so much with more Christian artists than ever before. If you know  some other Christian Artists let me know in comments section below. 

Here are some of their songs below. 

With All Of My Heart

R U Sure About that?


Living For You


Here And Now

If you know some other Christian Artists let me know in comments section below. 

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