Last month, I went to my first WWE live event.

It was epic. WWE came to Bridgeport, CT. It was a main event featuring Ronda Rousey, Drew Mcintyre, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and Bianca Belair. These were the only people I thought where going to be in the building. Surprisingly, more people showed up like; Sheamus, Liv Morgan, The Usos, the Street Profits, and Rey Mysterio etc.... I went to the event to celebrate with my friend Diane and John for John’s birthday since he is a fellow WWE fan. 

When Bianca Belair’s Match came up next; I was hyped up! She’s one of my favorite female wrestlers. Bianca inspires me to work harder to get my track body back. It is a process but as long as I believe in myself that’s all that matters. I’m determined to meet my goals but enjoying the journey as time goes on. 

She is currently the RAW’S WOMEN’S CHAMPION. I made a poster so she could notice me. She did on my first night at an official WWE event. She pointed at me when I held up my poster. I would love to go to more matches someday, but going to the first one made my night. 

Have you been to any WWE LIVE EVENTS? If so let me know in the comments section below.

 When Bianca pointed at me…..

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